Thursday, July 23, 2020

Take Your Blog to School Day Vol. 1

Take Your Blog to School Day Vol. 1 So today were going to take a little trip to 3-370 for some Measurement and Instrumentation. Basically, this is a lab class where we learn about some of the measurement and instrumentation tools that mechanical engineers may use in their career in order to measure certain properties, such as velocity profiles in a pipe or internal pressure of a soda can. Professor John Leonard teaches the class. His research interests involve simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) autonomous mobile robots. Hes also part of MITs DARPA Urban Challenge Team. So todays lecture focused on fourier transforms and sound waves. I was a little tired since I have a 40 page paper to write, but such is life. The class is also an active class so were able to have our laptops open, and its acceptable. So my friend Megan IMs me halfway in between my half-sleep. Megan: Wake up. Bryan *wakes up*. Megan: Look its YouTube. Unfortunately, we did not get an in-class demo of this, but it was fairly awesome if I say so myself. Thank you, Megan (middle) for waking me up, and thank you for this awesome Halloween costume. Look familiar?

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