Monday, November 18, 2019

Research project Mystory Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project Mystory - Research Paper Example Generation X experienced poor jobs, slow economic growth and the recession, but they worked hard trying to acquire better living standards (Wartenberg). They got referred to as echo boomers due to their birth in the 80’s when there were high birth rates. Bathes shows the basic perspectives as well as the core values of the Generation X during the 90’s. Barthes focuses on the social occurrences and events that shaped the feelings and views of generation X when growing up in the 90’s. In the templates, Barthes shows the sociological occurrences and events that happen when one is changing to a sexual adult. He also explores how the transition influenced the sexual behavior, gender roles and the general attitude towards life. He shows the sociological events that happen when the youngsters in Generation X reached economic adulthood. The main character sits in a cafe waiting for his lover, and he gets carried away by thoughts wondering what would happen if the relatio nship failed. In the movie ‘Singles’, which was a 1992 Romantic film, it shows the life of young people of Generation X during the 90’s (Crowe). The movie centers on the love life of young people and how the hard social, political and economic conditions affected them. From this, the audience sees people growing up in the 90’s were keen to get into good relationships, which turned out not as easy as they thought. The movie and Barthes templates depict the Generation Xers as cautious lovers who desired stable marriages for themselves. They were cautious because their parents experienced a lot of divorce and they did not want to follow their footsteps (Crowe). In ‘A Lovers Discourse’ by Bathes, the Generation X gets viewed as desperate and eager for love. They get depicted as people expecting too much from their love relationships. In a scene from ‘Singles’, it depicts a male character sitting in a cafe and waiting for his lover to arrive. In the process, he falls into deep thoughts and starts thinking what would happen if the person he was waiting for failed to arrive. For moments, he recognized his love for what it was and thought of his life without her presence. This depicts generation X as people expecting so much from their lovers, yet they offered so little in return. The generation X faced a lot of challenges in love while growing up in the 90’s (Wartenberg). Most of them were looking forward to starting a family when they are thirty years old. Those who were in their late twenties and did not have lovers appeared desperate as time does not bide. They reduced the rate of divorce compared to their parents as they married later in life as most of them focused on career and education first. From the templates, it is evident that People from Generation X ended up following their parents’ footsteps unintentionally. Some of them because of getting raised by single mothers they opted for the sam e for fear of break ups. When growing up in the 90’s most of them got neglected or ignored because they happened to be offspring’s of absent or divorced parents. Many of the Generation X growing up in the 90’s desired a need to make a total commitment to their own children. This was because most of them had fallen victim of neglect. They wanted to be better than their parents and avoid making the same mistakes they made. When it comes to culture, the Generation X populace had no specific culture.

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