Thursday, October 31, 2019

What Role do Women play in the Novel catch 22 by Joseph Heller Essay

What Role do Women play in the Novel catch 22 by Joseph Heller - Essay Example As the same event is often described by different viewpoints, repetition in the novel is an understood phenomenon. However, with the repetition, the writer also allows the reader to understand the characters in a better way. The novel moves ahead with stories at a very fast pace all the time presenting interesting insights into how the characters react to given situations. Just like differing and opposing characters, the situations described in the novel are shared between amusing absurdities and freighting reality. One of those frightful realities is the depiction of women since it is not exactly a flattering image which is given to the reader. Even though the characters played by women are in a minority, they are not exactly powerful and as a matter of fact they are little more than objects for Yossarian and his buddies. As secondary characters in the story, the women influence plot lines and sometimes are a cause for distress to the cast of male characters but they seldom influence the overall feeling of hopelessness and despair present in the novel. Of the female characters, three stand out as prime examples of the situation described above i.e. Nately’s whore, Dreedle’s assistant and Luciana, not because they play significant parts in the storyline of the hero but because they help in bringing about a better understanding of the characters of the men involved in the story. Throughout the novel, women such as General Dreedles assistant, Natelys whore, Luciana etc., give insight on the men who interact with them. Women also figure in secondary roles such as sex workers and rape victims since the times of prolonged war and the devastating effects of World War II certainly reduced the means by which women could make a living and the crimes of war were certainly increased. Morality appears to be a luxury that none of the characters could afford to have. The prostitutes in the story are little more

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